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Black Sheep Cafe - French Restaurant @ Upper Thomson

14 March 2014

I'm not sure if everyone knows what's the occasion on 14th of March. It's White Day (or White Valentine's Day) which is celebrated by Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. It is the day where girls present their gifts to the apple of their eyes or returning the favour if the guys sent them gifts during Valentine's Day. My boyfriend has totally no clue on what's going on when I told him that today is a special day and I gonna bring him to a restaurant that my BFF strongly recommends.

First time buying roses for BF! He was so surprised as it's his first time receiving flowers.

Black Sheep Cafe
Address: 11 Sin Ming Road, #B1-30 Thomson V Two, Singapore 575629
Contact: 6459 5373 (Phone); 9272 1842 (HP)
Opening Hours: 
Tue – Sat: 11.30am - 11.00pm (Last order 9.30 pm), 
Sun: 11.30am - 09.30pm (Last Order 8.45 pm),
Mon: Closed unless eve of public holiday, they do accept bookings for groups of 8 & above to open.

Situated one floor below the ground level, we had to take a staircase down from the exterior of Thomson V Two to reach the cafe. There are several parking options - along Upper Thomson Road, basement parking in Thomson V Two at $2 per entry after 6pm, you may refer to their website for more info. 

Credits to Black Sheep Cafe's Website (Link:

It's not difficult to find the cafe as the mall is quite small and almost empty. It is totally a bad location I would say. I have been to Upper Thomson for brunch/dinner/supper so many times but this was the first time that I stepped into this mall. 

Black Sheep Cafe
Black Sheep Cafe Main Entrance
We were startled that the restaurant was totally empty at 7.30pm on a Friday evening!! Given how my BFF raved about this cafe, I'd give it a benefit of doubt that this restaurant didn't even have a single customer at such a golden hour was due to awareness issue. There were 2 waiters, well-dressed and courteous. 

Interior of Black Sheep Cafe
Menu for Lunch & Dinner (Credits to Black Sheep Cafe, Link:

I love places with no hidden GST and service charge as I will be very clear of how much I am going to pay for the meal. Other than this menu, they have a drink menu with variety of wine to choose from. We ordered Duck Confit (recommended by my BFF) and Chicken in Red Wine. 

Fine Dining Table Setting

Complimentary Bread

Bread was heated. Very warm and fluffy on the inside! Yumz!
The Duck Confit on Apple Roesti, Mango Relish, $26.50
Close up of The Duck Confit on Apple Roesti

The Duck Confit was REALLY GOOD!! The skin was crispy and the meat was so soft and smooth!! It's a perfect match with the roesti beneath the duck! This owns Saveur's Duck Confit hands down! I would definitely prefer this over Saveur's even though Saveur's Duck Confit is $11.30 cheaper. =x 

Chicken in Red Wine, Stuffed Field Mushrooms, Pureed Potato, $26.50
BF ordered Chicken in Red Wine, which I warned him as the red wine might not taste that great given the experience I had in La Cuisson, another French restaurant we visited awhile ago. However, I was wrong, totally wrong. The combination tasted heavenly. Chicken was cooked to perfection. The mushrooms and potato at the side were fantastic too!

We were so happy with our new found French Restaurant that offers affordable cuisine and reasonable plate size! There was only another table filled with a family while we dined halfway. Seriously?? This restaurant definitely deserves more recognition! I'm speaking from the bottom of my heart, I'm not paid to do this 'advertisement'. I just wanna share good food experience with everyone. =) 

The bill was $53 as we didn't order drinks nor desserts. We already planned to have desserts at Salted Caramel along Upper Thomson later in the night. It was a marvelous time spent at Black Sheep Cafe with my BF, together with awesome food and ambience. We will be back again to try their beef which my BFF was madly in love with. Cheers!

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