Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saveur le French restaurant; Saturday with Uni Clique; 07 Sep 2013

Everyone should start their day right by eating the right food. I had brunch with my Mum and Brother at Hougang Blk 106's coffeeshop and found a stall with cheap western food. The portion was big and tasted good as well. It's only SGD 5!

S$ 5.00 Chicken Chop

BF came over to my house with Popiahs (spring roll) for my family and waited quite awhile for me to get ready. I didn't get to taste the Popiah when I got back home at night though... My mum said it was very yummy and she finished them all with my brothers. =(

#OOTD - Cotton Candy Dress from BKK, Contact Lens from Dream Color, Hello Kitty Necklace from Poh Heng Jewellery, agnès b. Earrings, and my new favourite Chanel's rouge.

Address: 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #01-07B Singapore 228213
Operating Hours: Mon to Sat - 11.30am - 9.30pm (last order), Sunday - 11.30am - 9.00 pm (last order)
Contact: +65 6736 1121 (No Reservations)

Saveur has two branches, the one I visited is at Far East Plaza (Orchard) and the other at Bugis. The Orchard's branch was pretty small and according to my friend, Huiping, Bugis' Saveur is more spacious. The eight of us waited for 10-15 minutes for the staff to prepare our table and they were quite particular about the full attendance of our mentioned-number-of-pax-at-the-start as the waitress asked us 'All 8 of you are here?' before we could enter the restaurant.

Saveur's Entrance

Saveur's Interior

Table for 8

Choices choices

We've ordered 3 Duck Confit and 5 Chicken Roulade as our individual mains. BF and I ordered Salmon Confit as our starter.

Salmon Confit ($9.90 before taxes)
Salmon confit was decent as a starter. The salmon skin's crispy and eating it together with a fat slice of salmon tasted good. This wasn't a dish that will greatly satisfy my taste bud though.

Duck Confit ($12.90 before taxes)
Duck Confit (side profile)

The highly raved Duck Confit isn't famous for nothing. Seen many pictures of it via Instagram and Facebook, now it's my turn to try! The meat was really tender, smooth mashed potato, tasty sauteed shiitake mushroom which my BF kept stealing from my plate -.- and the oranges were sweet! Very good combination and this is definitely gonna be a MUST TRY dish whenever one visits Saveur.

Chicken Roulade ($9.90 before taxes)
The portion for Chicken Roulade was so small that my friends had to eat a second meal after. Nevertheless, the chicken thigh with creamy basmati rice & parmesan sauce was yummy as well. DeLIGHTful dish suitable for people with 'smaller' stomach.

Cookies & Milk ($9.90 before taxes)

Cookies & Milk - Cookie dough ice cream, milk soil, honey cloud, cherries kirsch & peanut butter 
When the dessert was served, we were startled by the look of it. It looked like a dish of foam. Don't judge a dish by its appearance! The mixture of cookie dough ice cream, peanut butter and stuff was very tasty!! I find it a little pricey though.

Overall, the dining experience at Saveur was satisfying. French food was well-known for having small portion of food and being expensive on the contrary. Saveur offers good french-styled food at affordable prices. I've never tried dining in an authentic French restaurant before so I could't make a fair comparison in terms of their food quality. I'll probably try the other branch at Bugis and order more variety of dishes soon! This isn't a place where you can chit-chat after the meal as there'll always be a long queue and the staff will 'chase you away' courteously.

Shaw's reflective black mirror

NUS Statistics Graduates!!

姐妹花 - Girls' favorite acitivity

V-sign, tsk tsk

Wendy's Cheese and Cheese Baked Potato

Awesome gathering! We indubitably miss the days in school, having lectures and meals together, gossiping, learning and laughing at one another. We made a point to meet every month from 7 Sep 2013 onwards to maintain and further develop our friendship. Yay, I was the one who suggested this and yay again as everyone agreed. =)

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