Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pollen & Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay, FF7 at GV Gold Class

Pollen have a set lunch menu at SGD 55++ which is definitely worth the price you are going to pay for. Also, you get to enter the Flower Dome for FREE! =D

Address: Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive #01-09 Singapore 018953
Opening Hours: Lunch 12.00-2.30pm; Dinner 6.00-10.00pm (Closed on Tue); Pollen Terrace 12-9pm (Daily)
Buggy Service: Exclusively for Pollen's guests, the service runs every five minutes during lunch and dinner hours, from the arrival plaza to the restaurant
Contact: +65 6604 9988

If you are driving to Pollen, park at Carpark A and the buggy service will be just next to the Visitor Centre after coming up from the escalator.

Set Lunch Menu (S$55++)

Wines (Sommelier's Pick) - Add an additional SGD 15++ for a glass of wine from this list

Here comes the pre-appetizer with buns, bread, butter and some sauce (I didn't hear carefully when the waitress was describing).

Bun with Truffle Oil - YUMMMMMMMMMZZZ

Complimentary Pre-Appetizer

Both of us ordered the same starters - Swordfish Tartare, Ikura Caviar.

Swordfish Tartare, Ikura Caviar

We ordered the same mains too - Wagyu Beef Onglet, miso, caramelized, onions, salt baked potato. The previous time when we were here for my birthday, I ordered beef short ribs and it was SO DARN GOOD. So this time round, both of us chose the beef as our main.

Wagyu Beef Onglet, Miso, Caramelized, Onions, Salt Baked Potato

The beef.... *panting* and the potato were fantastic!

And because we have similar taste for food, we ordered the same dessert as well- Black Forest : Cherry, Pandan, JAAL 75% Chocolate, Shimeji and Roasted Tomatoes.

Black Forest - Cherry, Pandan, JAAL 75% Chocolate, Shimeji and Roasted Tomatoes

Unique presentation

Oh my, the Black Forest was really awesome! The dish consists of components at cold (sorbet and chocolate), room (pandan) and warm (shimeji, roasted tomato) temperatures. This added a different taste and experience to us which we were truly pleased.

We thoroughly enjoyed having our meals at Pollen, this has become our favorite fine dining restaurant with good service and delicious food. =)

Onward to the Flower Dome! We were lucky that the Flower Dome was having a Tulipmania Floral Display, which I didn't know prior to this day. It's only valid from 20 Mar - 10 May 2015.

Pollen Level 2

Tulipmania Floral Display
Date: 20 March 2015 - 10 May 2015
Operating Hours: 9 am - 9 pm
Location: Flower Dome

The flowers in the dome were so beautiful! Enjoy the spammage below!

I was chua tio-ed when I saw this! It's Little Red Riding Hood by the way.

Cinderella's carriage

Looks like cloth

Tulipa cv. 'Singapore'


The Ugly Duckling

Dragon & Bird (Eagle??) Sculptures

Love the texture!

And so, after the eye-feasting session at the Flower Dome, we headed back to Pollen (Level 1). The lady (manager, I think?) from Pollen got us 2 chairs while we waited for our buggy ride.

A big thank you to Pollen for giving us such a wonderful experience at your restaurant and the Flower Dome. The staffs were very courteous and attentive.

Fast and Furious 7, Golden Village Gold Class

Alright, last activity of the day - Fast & Furious 7 movie at Golden Village Gold Class!!!! I'd been anticipating for this movie for a longgggg time! Some more we were going to watch it in Gold Class! =D

Booked the movie 2 weeks beforehand at SGD 80 per pax including a dining set, non GV-member have to pay SGD 85. I looked up online to choose between GV Gold Class and Cathay Platinum Movie Suite. One guy mentioned in a forum that he would choose GV over Cathay as it's more enjoyable in the overall. Moreover, only GV has the timing I want. =) I wish to give Cathay a try the next time.

The Gold Class lounge offers pre-reception 30 minutes before showtime. We should have arrived earlier to enjoy longer! ($80/pax not cheap lor~) We were surprised that the lounge was quite packed! So many people are indulging in such lifestyle! Even saw a family with 2 kids. Omg, that would cost SGD 320. =O

GV Gold Class Lounge

Dinner Set Menu

Kiwi Cucumber Mocktail

Before the start of the movie
Main course - Tender Boneless Chicken Thigh with green peppercorn sauce & potato wedges
We were surprised by the quality of the food! It was not bad! Totally above our expectations.

Our desserts and drinks served during the movie

Hazelnut Almond Cake - It's pretty tasty! The slice was too big though. Most people in the theatre couldn't finish it.

The movie was great! *Applause* The ending was pretty emotional though. Okay, no spoiler for those who have not watched the movie.

It was a fantastic experience to watch a movie at GV Gold Class. So shiok!!! Usually my bum will hurt after a long movie (>2hrs), but this time round I was lying down and covering myself with blanket, eating my dinner while I watched the movie. This is life~~~~ Oh one complain though, the table is fixed, we had to sit up and eat next to the small table. It would be perfect if the table is adjustable (like those in the hospitals, lol).

I'll be going to somewhere far far away next week. Can't wait! Cheers! 

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