Sunday, August 25, 2013

Da Paolo Bistro Bar and BMW i8 on a Lovely Sunday

Out of all seven days in a week, Sunday is the most relaxing day for me. Usually I will laze at home, watch movies on laptop, surf the web; I will just do things that won't consume too much brain cells. I've been looking forward to the visit to Da Paolo at Rochester Park since BF told me that he booked a table for us on 25 Aug 2013. Thus this Sunday (today), I woke up early and prepared myself while BF made his way to fetch me. *很幸福* (very fortunate)

Da Paolo Bistro Bar
Address: 3 Rochester Park, Singapore 139214
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm; Sun: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm


The restaurant has indoor and mostly outdoor seating. The ambience was really so relaxing, a perfect place for lazy Sunday afternoon. We were the first customers so that explained why the restaurant was empty when I took the picture.

Outdoor Seating
Indoor Seating

Their menu's pretty special as shown in the picture below. We could only choose our mains from 'The Benedicts' and 'The Substantials' except Steaks. The reason why we will 'splurge' on such a costly brunch on a normal Sunday was because of my BF's reservist - he got a voucher (worth SGD 100) which entitled him to enjoy great brunch for two at any participating restaurants on the list, and we picked this.

Solid plastic menu

Real FRESH Orange Juice
First up, FRESH orange juice was served. This was really fresh!! I dislike going to places which serve chemically produced juices. Do you know even the pulp of oranges can be created using chemicals?! Eeewww. The juices here are safe to order! Quite pricey though, it's about $10 after GST and service charge. =X

Enjoying my glass of fresh orange juice

My Batman loving his glass of orange juice too :)

Next up, our appetizer. I don't really fancy olives but the combination of olives and tomatoes in this context tasted great!

Okay, get ready for the mains!! We ordered two dishes from 'The Benedicts' menu section; all dishes from that section will come with a poached egg.

Streaky Bacon & Savory Pancakes with Poached Organic Egg, Tomatoes, Wild Rocket, Scrambled Eggs & Hollandaise

Side View of Streaky Bacon & Savory Pancakes

Streaky Bacon & Savory Pancakes looked so fantastic!! This was my BF's main. It tasted not bad but definitely not as good as it looks. I find that the hollandaise sauce lacks certain taste. I'm not saying that it tasted bad, it's absolutely decent.

Smoked Salmon & Avocado with Baby Asparagus, Poached Organic Egg, Homemade Focaccia, Cherry Tomatoes & Cream Cheese Sauce

Side view of Smoked Salmon & Avocado
Organic Eggs after I halved it

Smoked Salmon & Avocado was my main. It may not look as great as my BF's main, but it certainly tasted better! Wheee~~ All the ingredients in my main made me felt that I'm having a very healthy meal. Hahaha. I'm not sure whether it's a healthy meal but I'm certain that it was a hearty one. =)

Last but no least, we had tiramisu cakes as dessert! This branch serves better tiramisu than the one I had at Club Street on my birthday this year.


Side View of Tiramisu

This was taken in the toilet cos the lighting was so good!

The total damage for the meal was $122.40 inclusive of 7% GST and 10% service charge. BF inserted his credit card into the bill as we thought that we might need to top up the extra $22.40 because the voucher was only worth $100. However, the waitress returned us the credit card and told us that we do not need to pay at all since we didn't order anything extra. YAY!! THANK YOU SAF!! Thank you baby for sharing his voucher with me. <3

Great meal with awesome company, what else can I ask for? =)

I drove baby's car for a while as I needed to shift it to somewhere else while baby went to the toilet at Rochester Mall. The security guard didn't allow us to hold at the entrance area even when I was inside the car.

Selfie on driver's seat

BMW i8 
Location: Just outside Ion Orchard
Only on 24 & 25 Aug

We made a trip down to Orchard Road to see this beauty. The car was really electrifying and it's so cool. I can't imagine how much stares I will get if I get to drive this car on the road.

BMW i8 Concept

My car!!! I wished!!

Sexy front view

BMW i3 - erm....

A lady at the event snapped a picture of us to take part in a lucky draw to win a mini merchandise from BMW and sadly, we didn't win anything.

Our picture at the top left hand corner

This was a perfect Sunday for me; spending time with my love with no worries. I was elated to see BMW i8 too. I love cars! My favourite car is still Audi R8. I am super in love with R8 since I first saw it at Marriott Hotel on 25 Dec 2007. It was a magnificent Christmas gift to my eyes. ^^

Good times don't last. It's now 11.25pm and I have to rest. Another week of work's waiting for me to embrace it! Have a nice week ahead everyone! Good night! =D

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top 3 Dessert Places - Salted Caramel, Ice Edge Cafe & Wimbly Lu

I love having dessert at night, especially a few hours after dinner! Yes, very fattening, I KNOW. I can resist anything but temptations, especially towards tasty food. I gonna compile a short list of places I visit whenever I wanna satisfy my cravings. =)

#1 Salted Caramel

Address: 246F Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574370
Phone: +65 6753 1716
Operating Hours: Sun-Thu: 1200-2300, Eve of PH, Fri & Sat: 1200-0200

Situated along the long stretch of Upper Thomson Road, Salted Caramel's signboard is not the brightest of all. It is right next to another famous dessert place, Udders, which have many branches all over Singapore. Personally, I'd prefer Salted Caramel to Udders as it offers my favourite dessert combination - Brownie with Earl Grey Ice Cream. Trust me on this, this is the most perfect combination between brownie and ice cream!! My BF and I mad love this combo out of all the others we tried. Usually we will order two scoops of ice creams and one of them MUST be Earl Grey. Their rum & raisin flavour is pretty good too!

Earl Grey & Milo Ice Creams with Brownie

Earl Grey & Rum and Raisin Ice Creams with Brownie

Milo and Earl Grey Ice Creams with Brownie

Earl Grey Ice Cream with Brownie
We been there so many times and of course, we've tried their waffles as well but we find them not bad only. The other two places that I'm going to mention below offer better and yummylicious waffles!!


#2 Ice Edge Cafe

Address: 2 Kovan Road, Simon Plaza, #01-10, Singapore 548008
Phone : +65 6858 5729
Operating Hours: 12pm-12am Daily

Ice Edge Cafe has expanded to twice its original size recently, I bet they must be making good money. Anyway, this Cafe has many flavours of ice creams to choose from. My favourite is Mao Shan Wang!!!! People who dislike Durian will probably hate this flavour. Haha.

Photos taken before expansion:

Photos taken after expansion:

It always took quite a while for our waffles to be served. It's alright, as long as the food is yummeh~ Mao Shan Wang tastes awesome whenever I visit this cafe and other flavours are delightful as well. I love how they decorate the dish with random fruits, marshmallows and biscuits. It's a MUST TRY for all waffles lovers!

They have another location at 203 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574344 as well but I have not been there before. Hopefully the quality will be similar.

#3 Wimbly Lu

Address: 15-2 Jalan Riang Singapore 358987
Phone: +65 6289 1489
Operation Hours: Tue-Fri: 1.00pm - 10.30pm, Sat & Sun: 9.00am - 11.00pm

Nobody introduced me to this cafe (personally) but pictures of food from this cafe were seen all across Instagram and Facebook news feed. BF and I chose this cafe to celebrate our monthsary on a Tuesday night. Wimbly Lu is located in between Serangoon and Lorong Chuan, quite near to Nanyang Junior College. We drove over and parked alongside the estate opposite of Wimbly Lu.

wimbly lu entrance

retro car that belongs to the cafe

We arrived at about 9pm and there's a group of people queuing in front of us. We were surprised that it's full house on an ordinary Tuesday night. This pushed our expectations of their food one notch higher.


We waited for about 10min in the line and got seated at a very cozy corner, at the very end of the cafe.

our table

cafe's layout

table next to us

We looked through the menu and ordered Waffles with Honey Cinnamon and Milo Ice Creams as well as a Molten Lava Cake.

Molten Lava Cake and Waffles with Ice Creams

Honey Cinnamon and Milo Ice Creams on top of Waffles with Maple Syrup
The waffles was fantastic!!! Maple syrup was sweet and savory, good match with the palatable waffles. Milo ice cream was a bit bland as compared to the waffles and honey cinnamon. Their range of ice creams is quite limited and frankly speaking, if they have more flavours to offer, this will definitely be a very favorable place to appease my craving. I have no complains about the waffles though. ^^

Molten Lava Cake was as expected - chocolaty and sweet. It is not advisable to solely order this as it is really very sweet. It was nice when it's consumed with honey cinnamon or similar 'lighter' flavoured ice creams.

I'll certainly be back to wimbly lu as they have many other appetizing desserts on the menu for us to try. There're a few other not bad looking restaurants alongside wimbly lu as well. This area is like a gem within the private housing estate.

If you ever wondered why these 3 places are considerably near to one another, it is because I'm staying around the area. Haha. I would like to visit nice and worthy further-out dessert places as well. Please let me know if you have any good chillax cafes to recommend. =)