Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bangkok Day 0&1 (7&8 Aug 2013)

Day 0
7 Aug 2013, Wednesday

  • Flight from SIN to BKK
  • Lemontea Hotel
  • Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant

I had been wanting to go back to Bangkok since my last trip in Dec 2012 and I finally had the chance during the super long weekend, all thanks to Hari Raya and Singapore's 48th Birthday!! Super excited for cheap shopping and food!! My flight was at 1800 on 7 Aug, after work. I love how flexible my department is as all of us can come and go at whatever time we want, as long as we do our work properly and not too overboard in terms of time.

tigerair SINBKK flight departed on time

Row 1, extra leg room! We watched Hansel & Gretel on the flight, quite a good movie.

Bello~ Bangkok City!

Took us about 20-30min to clear immigration 

Taking the long escalator all the way down to basement for Airport Link

Express Line serves from Airport to Makkasan with no stops in between but costs 90 Baht.

We alighted at Phaya Thai station after an approx. 35min ride and started searching for our hotel, Lemontea Hotel. However, we walked the wrong direction and ended getting ourselves lost. =/ We finally found our hotel after an hour's walk, with all our luggage. So tiring!! Thankfully, the hotel was nicely designed and we had lemon tea as welcome drinks.

Phaya Thai Station

Lemontea Hotel -

King sized bed, comfy :)

Sony Flat Screened TV

Best cupboard where you can place your shopping loots!

Cool design!

Nice lift

Breakfast looks so good but we didn't take the offer
We rested for 10min in the room, informed our parents that we arrived safely, then set off to hunt for food cause we're hungry!!

Black Canyon Coffee, open 24h in Pratunam since Feb 2013! This is so awesome as many shops tend to close very early in Bangkok.

Choc Chip Cream

Super awesome Tom Yum!!

Not bad
The night market closed rather early on a Wednesday and so we headed back to our hotel to have an early night. =)

Day 1
8 Aug 2013, Thursday

  • Pratunam Market
  • The Platinum Fashion Mall
  • Fuji Japanese Restaurant
  • Baiyoke Sky Hotel & Bar (Tower 2)

Selamat Hari Raya! BF and I put on couple shirts that I bought from HMS during my solo trip to Taipei in June. Today's plan was Platinum Fashion Mall for the day and Baiyoke Sky Bar for the night. We bought snacks at roadside stalls and then proceeded to Platinum Mall's food center for brunch. The food was rather disappointing, in fact the worst meal we had in BKK because the rest of the food we had were too good. 

Hater Snapback & HMS T-Shirts from Taiwan

Everyone has to get a card (refundable) in order to buy food

The meat taste was too strong, sauce needs to be improved

Pad Thai - so so only

Thai Iced Tea, damn sweet! Very bad, we took a few sips and dumped it aside

Apple Juice to the rescue
I can really shop the mall for a good whole day. So many shops in each level and the variety of clothing was good, it is possible to see shops selling the same clothes but the probability was actually quite small as compared to the size of the mall. 

Macaron Hombeth, Level 3 Soi 8 Room 745

I like the clothes at Macaron Hombeth!! Very cute.

We went to Fuji Japanese Restaurant for lunch at 3pm, it is located on the 6th floor, just next to the food center. We first visited this restaurant back in Dec 2012 and their food was good! This time round, we ordered the same fried rice we had previously and it still didn't disappoint us. =) The meal was cheap too! It was about 270 Baht after taxes, approx. SGD 11, SGD 5.50 per pax only. You can never find this price with such yummy meal in Singapore, never. 

Orange Juice

Salmon Garlic Fried Rice <3

Many many salmons
We continued our shopping spree and headed back to hotel for some rest. My BF actually did fell asleep and I was busy with trying out all the new clothes. The clothes' prices range from 200-300 baht. So cheap!! 

We wanted to go to Shibuya 19 but most of the shops were already closed when we entered the mall at 6.30pm. So we crossed the road, went into & out of Grand Diamond Shopping Centre as it's closing as well, then back into Platinum Mall. 

Iced Thai Tea - MUCH better than the food center's one

Dream Color lenses!!! I've been wanting to buy this brand's contact lens and they are selling it at Platinum Mall, Lvl 1, Zone 1. It costs 200 baht per pair and one pair can wear for 1 year. But I will never wear lens for such a long period.

We went back to Black Canyon restaurant for dinner. We've read the review of Baiyoke Sky's buffet and many reviewers mentioned that the food was pretty bad. Lol. 

Green Curry

Stir-fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts - VERY VERY NICE!! MUST TRY!!

Now, the highlight of the night - Baiyoke Sky Tower. The lobby was filled with lots of tourists from everywhere - China, Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc. Every lift was super squeezy. 

Roof Top Bar - THB 400 (SGD 16.10) per pax with 1 complimentary drink

The Rooftop bar was great. It's worth a visit if you travel to Bangkok. Fully air-conditioned, city-view and there's a DJ blasting music at the inner side of the bar. You may want to request for the seats near the DJ as the music will be louder over there. It's a nice place to chill with friends. So much cheaper than Singapore's 1-Altitude where its entrance fee is already SGD 25, and the drinks were also cheaper in Baiyoke Sky Bar.

Free peanuts and popcorns


Inner seating with DJ

There's a 360 degrees revolving platform at level 84, above the Skybar. Enjoy the city view from the pictures below!! =D

We ended the day with an hour's massage, two pax at THB 660. Productive day spent in Bangkok with new clothes, delicious food & drinks plus city night view! :)


  1. Wow! I also had a good experience in Bangkok! With a tight budget, I searched the Cheapest Hotels in Bangkok and I'm so lucky to find one.

  2. hihi, is the hotel near to Platinum shopping mall? :)

    1. Hello, the hotel is about 5-10min walk to Platinum Mall. You can check on google map. =)

  3. The contact lens brand is good? What is the brand name?

    1. It's pretty durable and comfortable. As mentioned on my blog post above, it's called Dream Color.

  4. hi. does that mean that you took the train from express line to Phaya Thai station and from there you walked to lemontea hotel? Would there be tuk-tuk or cab outside the Phaya Thai station? I've booked Lemonetea hotel too. and now finding ways to get to there. Thank you! :)

    1. Hello, yes I did. It was supposed to be a 10 min walk but we took the wrong direction. I'd recommend you to alight at Ratchaprarop (one station earlier) as it's less confusing and easier to find the right direction where you'll be walking through the Pratunam area. There're cabs easily available if you wish to take a cab after alighting from the station. However, I don't think a cab is necessary unless you have huge luggage with you. =)