Sunday, July 28, 2013

Great Weekend . 26-28 July 2013 . Canopy Garden Dining & Bar

I was very lazy to blog about my recent dining places but yesterday, I met up with my secondary school friends, one of them named Shawn mentioned to me that my blog has no more update (= dead)... Hence, I shall write a post regarding my great weekend spent with friends, as well as a review of Canopy Garden Dining & Bar (Sunday, 28 Jul) after 4 visits.

Friday 26 Jul
Watched a movie titled Disconnect. The movie was quite boring, I'd rate it 4.0/10.0 as there's no exciting scene and its focus was more on values and morals. It's worse than Wolverine, which I watched on Thursday, 25 Jul. At least Wolverine featured my favourite car, Audi R8. =P We bought Mcdonald's for dinner before going into the cinema and got a Hello Kitty toy by surprise cos we bought Happy Meal instead of other regulars. Happy happy!

Minions and Hello Kitty from Mcdonald's Happy Meals

Complimentary Birthday Cake from Starbucks
Ended the day with a free New York Cheese Cake from Starbucks as July is my birthday month. =)

Saturday 27 Jul
O-M-G, I've finally 'mastered' the art of drawing thin eye-liner!! I seldom put on make up (even zero make up with spectacles when I go to work everyday) so I really SUCK at 'painting' my face. However, miracle happened today. I swear this is the nicest eye-liner I've ever drawn for myself. For those make-up pros out there, I know this is still super amateur to you, but let me 'shiok' for awhile can?? Hahaha.

#OOTD - Hello Kitty Necklace from Poh Heng Jewellery, a birthday gift from BF, and a flowery dress from Taiwan

Marche - Roasted Chicken Crepe

Starbucks - Tall Signature Hot Chocolate and Venti Green Tea Latte
Sat was just a simple night out with sec school friends at Vivo City. Jiamin & her bf drove me home after the short meet-up. Thanks! It's great to have a car but Singapore's cars are tooooo expensive!

Sunday 28 Jul - Canopy Garden Dining & Bar
Canopy Garden Dining
Bishan Park II 
1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 
Singapore 569931

Tel: 6556 1533 

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri : 9am - 10pm 
Sat, Sun, Eve of Public Holidays & Public Holidays: 8am - 11pm

It's been pretty long since my last brunch on a Sunday. Canopy Garden Dining & Bar has always been one of my favourite brunch restaurant as they serve good poached eggs dishes, chillax ambience and even allow diners to bring their pets along as they have both indoor and outdoor sittings. We arrived at about 11.40am, took the last outdoor table available as the couple in front of us prefer to sit indoor. Yes the weather was freaking hot this afternoon. You may want to make reservation if you wish to secure an indoor table.

Canopy's Entrance

Outdoor Sitting

Brunch Menu

Eggs Royale

I love eggs!! I know of people who doesn't like egg at all, and they'll probably find this pic disgusting. =X

I would prefer Canopy's poached eggs to that of Wild Honey's. Firstly the taste was better (to me), secondly Canopy was more affordable than Wild Honey and thirdly the environment gives a more relaxing feel at Canopy. Do give it a try! :)

Just trimmed my fringe this morning


Snapped this picture while the dog was spinning his head. So cute!! He looked more like a bear now.

#Throwback to 19 Jul, we had our 14th month dinner at Canopy as well. The dinner menu had lesser choices than that of brunch's. We ordered Chilli Crab Pasta and Salami Pizza to share.

Chilli Crab Pasta

Salami Pizza
The pizza and pasta were pretty decent! I will certainly return for dinner. I was quite impressed by Canopy as they are actually good in both brunch and dinner. Canopy should actually give me some credits or vouchers for promoting their dishes! Hahaha. If you love pets, especially dogs, you should take a stroll around Bishan Park after your meal as there will be quite a lot of adorable dogs gathering at a common area. I've been wishing for a pet dog since young but my mum doesn't approve it even till now. =(

Anyway, I'm planning to have a short getaway during the week of National Day, everything's still pending for now. Hopefully it will come true, then I will have a new topic for my next blog post. Have a great week ahead! =)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

23rd Birthday Celebration - Da Paolo Ristorante at Club Street on 4 July 2013

This was my first time spending the first 10-11 hours of my birthday out of Singapore, in Surabaya (Indonesia) as well as on the plane back home. I was on a business trip to Surabaya 2-4 July 2013 and it was actually scheduled 3-5 July but my manager was kind enough to reschedule it so that I can return back to Singapore on my birthday. =) My colleagues were so nice to get me a cute pink little cupcake from Twelves Cupcakes together with a loaded Starbucks card!! Thank you!! ^^ ShuJuan got me a personal gift from Crabtree & Evelyn. Thank you girl! =)

Gifts from Colleagues

Thank you ShuJuan!!

I met the most ridiculous taxi uncle while I took a taxi back home from the office. He spoke hell lots of nonsense, full of himself and even brought me to the wrong location! He didn't even offer to give me discount. I was extremely tired and sick of him that I never bother to argue with him about the taxi fare. It was $3 more than usual. My lift was working fine when I got home, but it was faulty when I left the house again. I had to take the stairs down while wearing high-heels. Super unlucky as of 4th July 2013. ='(

On the way to Da Paolo Restaurante at 80 Club Street (Tel: 62247081).

I love Singapore's City View

Lovely Marina Bay Sands

I may not have collected all the Hello Kitties from the recent Mcdonald's sales, I've got a Kitty necklace! I saw the necklace from Poh Heng Jewellery few months back and it was too expensive so I didn't get it. THANK YOU!!

da paolo: Fine Dining Setting

Very nice ambience, recommended for romantic dates!

Beautiful Hello Kitty casing for the necklace!! It is quite heavy!! I love the jewel details at the kitty's ribbon! :)

Free Bread!! Unlimited servings I guessed, 'cause the waiter asked us if we needed more.

Appetizer: Caprese - The vegetables and cheese were so fresh and delicious! (SGD 18 before taxes)

Tagliatelle Granchio - Pasta with Crabmeat and Vodka (SGD 24 before taxes)
I had the exact same pasta (Tagliatelle Granchio) few years back at the same restaurant and it still taste as awesome! The sauce was super yummy and the only small thing to nag about was the overpowering taste of the crab meat (real crab meat).

Paccheri Brianza - Mushrooms Pasta (SGD 28 before taxes)
Paccheri Brianza - nothing will ever go wrong with mushrooms!! The sauce was so nice! Da Paolo serves one of the best pasta out of all the restaurants I've visited in Singapore. Wheeee~

The waitress brought out a Tiramisu cake shortly after I got back from the washroom.

Happy 23rd Birthday to me

Making a record number of wishes this year

Tiramisu with a nice strawberry cut-out into rose :)

Tiramisu (SGD 13 before taxes)

Exterior of da paolo

#OOTD - Black top from Hong Kong (Granville Road) & Rainbow Skirt from Taipei (Shilin Night Market)

We headed on to our favourite night-chilling place after the sumptuous dinner - Marina Bay Sands. Sitting outside of MBS, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the breeze while admiring at the all the tall nicely lighted buildings was so relaxing. =) However the sky turned red after awhile and we had to head back home. Why people don't get a day off on their birthday? HAHA I know it's ridiculous.

Sky's turning red

I would like to thank everyone for the kind wishes on all social media platforms. Thank you making my birthdays so memorable every year. Thank you my colleagues for the mini surprise. Thank you Mum for bringing me into this world 23 years ago. I've aged, still young I know, but whenever people ask me how old am I, I had to think for a few seconds to even remember my age. Haha, I bet people really age damn fast after they've turned 21.

I'd been traveling way too much ever since I started working in an aviation industry. Staff tickets are cheap!! Can't blame me okay!! I love traveling, I love to see the world and memories are priceless. I spent quite some time reflecting while I was in Taiwan alone two weeks ago. I am very blessed to have what I have now. I may not be rich or perfect, I am happy to be the person I am now and I will strive to be even better. =)

Hello Kitty Necklace from Poh Heng Jewellery