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Bangkok Day 2&3 (9&10 Aug 2013)

Day 2
9 Aug 2013, Friday
(this is going to be a very long post)
  • Tribute to my friend
  • MBK, Siam Center, Siam Paragon
  • Chinatown
  • Clubbing - Route 66

I woke up to a very very bad news. One of my primary school friend, Amron, was knocked down by a car on the expressway and passed away in the hospital early in the morning. This was too sudden. He was still talking to us in our pri sch class' Whatsapp group chat 12hours before the accident. Dear Amron, I'm so sorry that I couldn't make it to see you as I wasn't in Singapore. I promise that I will pay a visit to your grave. Hope that you and your girlfriend's family will reunite and live happily in a better world. Thank you for the joy you brought to us, you will always be remembered. To all the drivers out there, please drive cautiously!! That reckless driver took FOUR innocent lives. No matter what kind of penalty he gets, nothing can bring them back to life. Haiz, life is so unpredictable.. ='( This is why I'm always worried when my BF drives; he can be very careful while others may not be.

Farewell my dear friend, Amron Ayoub ='(
I was quite affected in the morning.. Nevertheless, life goes on. Since we won't know what will happen in our next frame of life, we got to live every moment to its fullest. I would like to express my deepest condolences to those affected, especially his and her family/relatives. =(

#OOTD - Macarons Top and Bottom from Platinum Mall
Pardon the quality of the picture of my outfit of the day as this was taken using Samsung Galaxy S2. I love this set of clothes! Super cute with many different colours of macarons (my favorite snack).

BF and I took a tutuk from our hotel to MBK. Okay, everyone who wants to get to a place fast via tutuk, listen up! When the tutuk driver asked for your offer, give him an X amount which is lower than what you are willing to pay and then if he tells you that he will bring you to somewhere else first (for 5-10min) in order to accept your offer of xx baht, tell him to bring you directly to the venue you wish to go and offer a slightly higher price. This was what happened to us when we took our first tutuk. The driver asked us for an offer, I told him 20 baht (SGD 0.80), he agreed to it but he said he has to bring us to a shop nearby our destination for 5min so that he can earn commission from the shop he's going to bring us to. We thought that it's alright to just take a look at the shop for awhile so we agreed to his condition. The journey to the shop was approx 10min, it's a tailor shop. We went in for awhile and left within 5min. However, the traffic was so heavy that the driver couldn't make a safe U-turn and he had to go into small roads, back to Pratunam and then go up to MBK. The total journey took us 45-50min -.- It was supposed to be a 10min drive from our hotel straight to MBK, according to the map. Well, at least he didn't trick us, we accepted his offer willingly.

Us on Tutuk
One bad thing about sitting on a tutuk is that the air is very polluted on the road and you have to breathe in all the first-hand exhausts from other vehicles. I will never take a tutuk again. It's cool to experience it once and that's it. Cabs are cheap in Bangkok!

MBK Center
We were finding food places to eat and rejected the idea of eating at the food center as the one at Platinum Mall wasn't that great in our opinion. We found Yum Saap, looked at their menu and decided to try their food. We were surprised that their dishes were very yummy!! It was quite empty when we first entered at 12pm and it got full when we were halfway into our meal. Do give this restaurant at try! :)

Yum Saap
Yum Saap's Interior

Nice Ceylon Tea!

BF's dish, not bad



Fried Tofu! Tofu by itself was pretty dry and the sauce would be better if they've used the sauce they applied  on my chicken's dish

Honestly speaking, I don't know what's the hype about MBK cos there's nothing much to shop here. =/ I looked through the mall's brochure, walked to all the possible shopping places and didn't manage to buy anything. But! We found a good place to chill - Star Coffee. It's a bit similar to Starbucks but half priced! =P The hot chocolate was tasty! It's not as sweet as Starbucks' Signature Hot Chocolate too.

Hot Chocolate - medium sized

We got so bored at MBK and made our way to Siam Center and Siam Paragon which are just across the road. A cool Magnum Cafe was spotted when we entered Siam Center! The cafe will be shutting down on 26 Aug (if I never rmb wrongly). We regretted not giving it a try. =(

Cute display outside of Magnum Cafe

We were on our luck!! There's a muay thai match starting in Siam Center. Hehe. They were pretty friendly in round 1 and got more and more furious in round 2 and 3. Quite an eye opener and this was the first time we witness people fighting on a stage, live.

Muay Thai Match

Cool ceiling of the mall
Mad love the design of the entire mall!! Every shops were nicely decorated, win all the malls in Orchard Road hands down!

Nice right?!?!

Very cool concept!

Roller coasters with teddy bears in Mr. Jones Orphanage

Can't help but I had to take this 'act-yi-ge' shot

Best mall I've ever been to

Then we moved on to Siam Paragon which is just sitting next to Siam Center. They sell cars in this mall.

Lamborghini Shop

Maserati Shop
Butter Sugar Toast from B1

Macaron Stall spotted!

LOOKS yummy

LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. We bought 3 to try, THEY SUCK. Please refrain from buying from this stall.

Here comes the worse part of our trip.. We were stuck in a traffic jam while we were on our way to Chinatown from Paragon.... It took us nearly 1.5 hour to get to Chinatown. =( Thankfully the cab fare was cheap. It was THB 161 = SGD 6.50. But a lot of time was wasted..

Jammed all the wayyyy

My BF's colleague recommended him to try T&K Seafood (first choice) - Green Uniform and R&L - Red Uniform seafood at Chinatown. Both of them are just next to each other. T&K Seafood had a snake long queue and we were damn hungry at that point of time due to the 1.5hr traffic jam so we just went straight to R&L Seafood with lesser queue.

R & L Seafood

Scallop - THB 200


Black Pepper Crab - So so only, overpriced at THB 400

Mimosa Plant - not bad!

Orange Juice
The meal costed us THB 860 = SGD 35, the most expensive meal we had in Bangkok. If you were to compare with the seafood prices in Singapore, this is definitely cheaper. However, given the quality and standard of living in Bangkok, we felt that this was way overpriced and you can enjoy a better meal at any Thai restaurants. We understand that Seafood are generally more expensive, but this meal wasn't that fantastic in overall. The scallop was the best out of all the dishes.

There's nothing much in Chinatown at night except food, food and food. The street was considerably short too. We took a cab back to our hotel, washed up and changed into our clubbing attire! We googled for famous/recommended clubs in Bangkok and the reviews for Route 66 (RCA) were rather good so we decided to head off to that club. The taxi fare only costed us THB 60 (approx. SGD 2.45). Taxi driver alighted us opposite RCA area and we had to cross the road. It's quite a short distance though.

Entrance was THB 300 with THB 300 worth of drinks, so basically the entrance is free as you'll get THB 300 coupons to exchange for drinks in the club. I'd prefer The Level as it's more R&B, however I find it very squeezy; there's no proper dancefloor, many tables in the club and it got super crowded after 1am. The music was good though!

Walking into the clubbing area, after crossing the road

Route 66

3 different clubs at Route 66 - The Novel (live band), The Classic (House/Techno) and The Level (R&B)

Area outside the club to chill and smoke if you want (ps: we don't smoke)

Huge statue of suggestive banana in the Female Toilet

Band performing IN THE FEMALE TOILET

The Novel - Thai Live Band

The Level

Entrance of The Level

DJ of the night

Us on the 'dancefloor'
We left the club at about 2.15am and took a cab back to our hotel. All cabs charge a standard rate of THB 200 from Route 66 to Pratunam area as we tried asking 4-5 drivers and all of them give us the same rate. It has been YEARS since I last clubbed. This was the first time with BF too. ^^ Quite a good experience at Bangkok's club; I expected to witness more things though. Heh

Day 3
10 Aug 2013, Saturday

It's our last day in Bangkok!! We gonna miss all the awesome and cheap food/shopping. =( We checked out before 12pm and left our luggage in the hotel so that we can have street food and do some last min shopping.

#OOTD - I got this dress cos it matches my Hater Snapback!! Look at the same big mouth birds!! =P

Brunch Place along the street of Mcdonald's and Shibuya 19, opposite Platinum Mall


He can speak Teochew!

Once AGAIN, we went back to Black Canyon Coffee for our LAST meal in Bangkok cause we wanna eat their Tom Yum Goong and Stir-fried Chicken again!! It's so delicious! I didn't take picture of the Stir-fried Chicken though, it's the same dish I ordered on Day 1. =)

Finally, our short holiday was coming to an end. We took Airport Link to the airport, it took us about 30min from Pratunam.

Airport Link - Ratchaprarop

Blurred; very happy us on the flight
I felt very blessed to be able to live in this world, having people who truly care for me and found the right one who takes extremely good care of me. Every overseas trip makes me explore a little more about this world and makes me appreciate my loved ones more. Thank you for reading this longgggg post! May everyone be healthy and happy always!! =)


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