Saturday, March 8, 2014

Seoul Happy - Valentine's Week in Korea 2014 Day 6

Day 6: 20 Feb 2014

20 Feb was the only day that we managed to wake up early to have the breakfast provided by Cats Hotel. The first day was due to us waking late and 2nd day was due to skiing, we had to leave the hotel before the breakfast was even ready.

Breakfast in the lovely lobby

Breakfast "Buffet"

I like the way the strawberry jam was designed to be squeezed out
Bidding goodbye to Cats Hotel's corridor
Next up, we gonna shift to Sejong Hotel located in Myeongdong. The journey was not that easy as the train station has lots and lots of stairs! We had to make 2 trips up and down to carry our luggage. Thankfully, there were 2 Koreans giving us a hand while we were climbing up the stairs. Thank you so much!! I really love how helpful the Koreans are.

Sejong Hotel
145, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Myeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Myeongdong Station, Exit 10

Took this pic on Day 7 night as I was too exhausted after carrying all my luggage and all I wanted on Day 6 was to check in asap.
Huge front door with a doorman and escalator leading up to the lobby

Sejong Hotel's Lobby

Level 8
We reached the hotel at about 11.30am. Our check in time was supposed to be after 2pm. Our room with 1 double bed was not ready yet, nevertheless, the staff allowed us to check in early and gave us a bigger room with 1 single & 1 double bed! It's also facing Namsan Tower! The attraction that we visited on Korea Day 4.

Make up desk

Sejong Hotel provides mobile phone for all hotel users! So cool!

They only offer 2 bottles of mineral water for free, the rest are chargeable, including toothpaste & toothbrush. -.-

According to agoda, this is a 5 star hotel. We saved the best hotel for the last on purpose. It was really convenient as it's in front of Myeongdong Station Exit 10 and a stone throw away from Myeongdong shopping streets. The room was very spacious, enough for us to lay all our luggage on the floor and still have more than enough walking space. Even though they provide us with a mobile phone, we didn't bring it out for use as we didn't need to make any local calls.

Without further ado, we set off to Everland!! How to get to Everland? We took a train from Myeongdong Station to Gangnam Station. We asked the train staff where to take bus 5002, he told us to head to exit 7. There are several bus stops along the stretch of road. The first bus stop does not have 5002. We walked on to the next one and still couldn't find. I asked a Korean lady if there's bus 5002 around, she searched on her mobile and pointed to us the direction towards the bus stop. There are actually bus stops in the 'middle' of the road and you'll be able to find bus 5002 in one of them after crossing the road halfway. Sadly I didn't take any picture as it was already noon and we were rushing to Everland.

Gangnam Station

Gangnam Station Exit 7

The bus ride from Gangnam station to Everland was about 45min at 2000 won per person (approx. SGD 2.40). You don't need to worry if you fall asleep as Everland is the very last station which is actually a bus terminal. From where you alighted, follow the signs to get to Everland/Caribbean Bay Shuttle Bus-stop.

Follow the Shuttle Bus Signboard's direction

Shuttle Bus
Everland Entrance

Everland Ticketing Booths

Only KRW 35,000 (SGD 42) as we only got there 10min before 2pm!

Remember to keep your tickets properly as you will need to present your tickets on every rides you take in the park!


We were so excited when we got into the park!!! We had to fill up our stomach first as we didn't had lunch. Initially, we chose a Korean Restaurant, however the food doesn't seem appealing when we got in, so we switched to a Burger Restaurant.

Korean Restaurant


Very yummy steak burger!

Cajun Chicken Burger was good too!
First up! Safari World!! You will be seeing the animals live; the only barrier between you and them is merely a bus window. The queue took about 30 minutes. Tip: Don't sit on the last row as you will see nothing when everyone stands up.

Animals that we gonna spot today! They have LIGER!!

Sitting on the last row

White Tiger

Majestic White Tigers




LIGER - Half Tiger and Half Lion, seriously looks like both!

Bear bear asking for food

This bear was walking on his foot to following our bus as the driver fed him

Cute White Tiger Cub!

Resisted the temptations to buy them (Y)

Time to start queuing for the legendary T-Express!! Queuing time was 50min, as stated at the beginning of the queue. The first slope down, which is also the steepest, is 70 degrees down! Almost a vertical fall - shiok to the max! I'm a fan of roller coasters, so this steep fall excites me rather than scaring me off. There are multiple up-and-downs, you'll have no time to think of anything else besides enjoying the ride and screaming your lungs out! It is the best attraction in Everland I would say!

Gonna be our turn next (like finally)!

Woohoo, I conquered T-Express!

Waffles for KRW 2500 (SGD 3)
I didn't dare to go in as I'm afraid of ghost. BF was laughing at me over having guts for taking T-Express but not this. Lol

Another Roller Coaster - Rolling X-Train, seems fun as it has a 360 degree turn

Churros!!! Korea's churros are yummylicious!

Time for dinner! We just went to the nearest restaurant that we can find and settled down for our meal. It was a restaurant with very unique decorations.

Curry Katsu Don

My kids meal with Tonkatsu, Hashbrowns, Pancake, Curry Rice and Orange Juice!

Super kawaii pancake!
Many of the attractions close at 6pm and there's only a few that opens till 8pm. Everland closes at 8pm on the day we went (20 Feb), it has different schedules for each day so you may want to check their website before making your way.

Big Bang

Good bye Everland, thank you for the happiness you brought us for the day. :)
Taking Bus 5002 back to Gangnam

As there were too many people, we couldn't board the first Bus 5002, so we waited for like 15min for the next bus in the freezing cold weather.
Gangnam - Huge digital clock on the right building

Gangnam street feels like Orchard road in Singapore. Many chains of big brands can be found here. One of my friends requested me to help her buy masks from The Face Shop as it's more pricey in Singapore. I tried asking in Myeongdong, the staff told me that they don't sell piece by piece and I have to purchase a minimum of 30 pieces at one go if I want to buy their masks. However, in Gangnam, you can buy any amount of pieces you like. I got 20 pieces for her and X pieces for my family. The staff in Gangnam's Face Shop was very kind and quite fluent in English. I spent over SGD 100 in this shop alone. =x

favorite' D by baskin robbins

Korean Couple taking selfie behind me

Waffles falls in love with Icecream at KRW 7900 (SGD 9.50)
The waffles was nice, albeit a little bit small for the both of us. Strawberry ice cream was smooth and delicious. It's nice sitting in a cafe, enjoying a plate of dessert after a long day of fun and seeing cars/people passed by peering through the windows from the 2nd level in favorite' D.

Day 6 was our second last night in Seoul, we couldn't bear to leave this beautiful country with amiable people and mouthwatering food. One last post to go and I'll be done with my Korea blog posts. Have a great weekend people!


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun! I wish i could go :(

  2. was it hard to wander around if you dont speak korean?:-)

    1. It was alright but their command of English was pretty poor. Hand gestures are always useful. =)

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