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Ma Maison . Date Night . 8 Jun 2013

Ever since I started working, weekend means A LOT to me as it is the only time where I do not need to think about work. Bf was working today, thus I was being lazy at home the whole day and was feeling a little bit sick since morning. I tried on the first orange stripes dress that I bought from H&M Hong Kong, then topped with a pink cap. The 'cap trend' seems to be back again but it is really hot to wear a cap in a country like Singapore with all-year-round-summer! My head was literally sweating when I took a few shots in just a few minutes.

Orange Stripes Dress from H&M Hong Kong

Pink Cap - HOT, it's a no no to wear a cap in non air-conditioned area!
I don't know if every other girls do this, but I always love (or hate) to try other clothes before going out to make sure that it fits my mood. =) I'm feeling happy today as I'm going on a date with my bf. So I decided to changed into a black pearly top coupled with pistachio shorts, plus a side pony tail, and of course, finally putting on some make up. I think I suck at dolling up myself as some of my friends told me that I don't look very different with/without make up. (Compare the photos above [zero make up] and below.)

Top from Granville Road in Hong Kong and Bottom from Forever 21 in Singapore
I thought that I can finally wear my new Coach sunglasses out but my bf only reached my house at 6.30pm and the sun was already down....

Shades from Coach, Earrings from agn├Ęs b, Hair band from Daiso in Tokyo

Okay, enough photos of myself! Gonna talk about Ma Maison now! We went to the branch at The Central, Clarke Quay. Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-96 The Central, Tel:(65)6327-8122. The queue was pretty short although it was supposed to be peak at 7.30pm. There was only one couple in front of us and we waited for merely 10-15min before being served warmly.

Ma Maison Signboard at the Entrance

Snapped a photo of us while waiting for our turn

Despite it being a Japanese restaurant, the interior design is sort of European style and it gave us a very cozy feel. Menus were laid nicely on the table beforehand as well.


Ma Maison Interior

Cute little lamp on our table to add on to the coziness!
Table next to us
I read reviews on HungryGoWhere in the day, hence the ordering was done in a few minutes. =P Although some reviews on HGW mentioned that the staffs' attitude were bad, I had quite a nice experience from this visit, the staffs were actually polite. We ordered escargots as starter, a squid ink pasta and a Tonkatsu set as mains and brownie with ice cream as dessert.

The escargots were served promptly and the waiter lighted up the plate right in front of us and we could smell the aroma of the escargots! They were very chewy, like mushrooms!

Next up, Squid Ink Pasta! This was DA BOMB!! It was one of the best 'black' pasta I have ever tasted! The smell was great, taste was awesome, ingredients (squid, mushrooms, etc) were very complementary of one another! I would strongly recommend this dish if you ever visit Ma Maison!

Squid Ink Pasta

Tonkatsu set was served after we finished 3/4 of the squid ink pasta. We quickly gobbled up the yummylicious pasta and got ready to taste the next dish, one of the highlighted dish of the restaurant. The pork was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Eating it together with the sauce provided as well as a little bit of wasabi was the best combination that my bf and I agreed. The quality of the food was good, but honestly, it wasn't something that everyone must try. Nevertheless, the miso soup, to us, was like the star side-dish of this set! It wasn't just a plain soup, there were more than the usual ingredients and it's not too salty as well.

Tonkatsu Set

Tonkatsu - after adding the sauce
Miso Soup - VERY NICE!
We waited quite a while for our dessert and it only came after my boyfriend told/reminded the staff to serve it. So another mini photo-taking session was conducted. =P

Bf and I, using lights from my handphone cos it was too dim!

Bf said I looked like Tai Tai

Brownie with ice cream was nice! There were nuts within the brownie so it wasn't that plain like some other dessert stalls.

Brownie with Ice Cream
We were given a huge metal key and were told to bring this to the cashier to make our payment. This was quite special as it's the first time we had to bring something (other than the bill) to the counter, creative yo!

Key for payment
ma maison key close-up shot
This meal was $62 in total. CIMB and JCB cardholders can get 10% discount! I DIDN'T BRING MY JCB CARD!!  (T.T) Oh well.. It was an enjoyable meal and this gave me a lesson so I will remember to bring out all my credit cards whenever I go out for a meal the next time! =(

We walked around Clarke Quay to feel the 'happening' atmosphere and tried looking out for clubbers with nice dressings but I guessed it was too early so we didn't have chance to witness even 1.

Clarke Quay at Night

Had a great albeit short date with my love! May this be ever lasting! Xoxo.

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