Friday, May 31, 2013

Hong Kong Day 3 (24-26 May 2013)

Last day in Hong Kong!! I miss Singapore even though it's only the third day out. My brother and I packed our stuffs and checked out of the hotel by 11am. Thank you Caritas Bianchi Lodge for the good service and clean room. I took a photo of my outfit of the day in the hotel's toilet before I checked out.
#OOTD Top from a random shop in Granville Road and Bottom from H&M Hong Kong
I just found out yesterday that Pierre Hermé was opened in Hong Kong at IFC Mall on 25 May 2013!! Yippee!! I'm a fan of Macarons and will never miss out a chance to try new brands! In Hong Kong, there's City check in for flights at Hong Kong Station and Kowloon Station, so that tourists can spend the rest of the day shopping without their luggage. Hence, we checked in our luggage and collected our Air Tickets at Hong Kong Station. =)

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé
HKD 210 for a box of 7 macarons!!! Ahhhh, so expensive!!! It's approximately SGD 5 for ONE MACARON! *faint* 

We headed to Tim Ho Wan again to bring out the delicious Char Siew Bun for our family. ^^
Still so many people today, sigh~
Le Couter Bernardaud

Macarons spotted

Earl Grey Macaron - Not bad
There're a few hours left before our flight, so we headed to Tung Chung for Citygate Outlets. The MTR was so empty at Tung Chung line! I snapped pictures of the train, the packaging of Pierre Hermé and views from the train's window on the way there.

Almost empty train

Arrival at Tung Chung MTR Station.

Tung Chung MTR Station

Exit C to Citygate Outlets

We were so famished and headed to Food Republic for lunch!!

Portuguese Pork Chop Baked Rice
The macau stall in Food Republic was so bad. This was the worse meal in Hong Kong so far. Okay, forget about the lousy meal. Let the shopping spree begin!!!

Coach Outlet is so cheap in HK!

Cute Coach Tag for luggage deposit
After purchasing items from Coach and Club 21, my stomach needed some replenishment. Since, there isn't much choices for food in the mall, we went to Mcdonald's again!! Wheee to White Burger!!

White Burger Meal

Yummilicious White Burger
 It's time to go to the airport. We took Tung Chung line from Tung Chung MTR to Tsing Yi MTR and then changed to Airport Express from Tsing Yi to Airport. Clearing immigration is so troublesome as you have to queue to get clearance... Nevertheless, we gotta have our last meal in Hong Kong before flying off!

Char Siew is delicious

Egg Tarts - so so only

Chee Cheong Fun
Met some of my colleagues at the gate as we were on the same flight back to Singapore. A lot of people that I know flocked to Hong Kong for this long weekend! 

Tiger Airways

Row 13 - Emergency Exit = Long leg room
Bringing Pierre Hermé macarons and Tim Ho Wan Char Siew buns back to Singapore. The flight back was fast and seamless. Thank you Tiger Airways for the good flight experience. I've flown with them the 9th times. =) 

My boyfriend was waiting for me at T2 arrival. Thanks for fetching me and my brother home from the airport!! Some macarons for you!! ^^

Pierre Hermé Macarons
Can't wait for the next trip in the near future!! No, I have not plan anything yet. Travel while you are young and don't regret it when you are old!! Goodbye!

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