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Phuket, Kata 2015 Day 2 - James Bond Island Tour

Day 2
14 Nov 2015, Saturday

99 baht breakfast with eggs of your choice, tea/coffee, fruits and toasts

A van came to pick us up between 7.30am-7.45am before proceeding to pick other passengers who were also in the same tour as us. The journey from our hotel to the pier is about 1.5-2 hours.

We alighted at a waiting area where they were selling stuff like waterproof mobile lanyards and bags. LQ bought one for her iPhone so that she can hang it around her neck. Also, she got herself a huge sun hat at a discount. We waited quite some time for the other vans to arrive before walking to the pier to board our cruise.

Taking picture with a guy who came from Dubai (as he popped into our wefie)

Waiting area with tourists from China and Chinese speaking Thai tour guide at the back

On the way to our cruise

Walking to the cruise
There were roughly 30-40 tourists on board with 2 main tour guides (English and Chinese speaking). Majority of the tourists were from China, a big group of guys from Dubai, a couple from Canada on honeymoon, others were from India and Europe including T, and I guessed I was the only Singaporean. Funny thing was, when I asked the group of guys from Dubai and a lady from Canada to guess where I'm from, Singapore was mentioned after several guesses including China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, etc. The Canadian lady even guessed that I was from Canada! I will take that as a compliment for my good English. =P

Sporting Dubai Guys

The guys from Dubai were really friendly! They chatted with us and offered to help us take photos at the deck.

Panak Island

First stop of our tour was to enjoy sightseeing at Panak Island by kayaking! LQ, T and I were on the same kayak with a crew at the back to help us row. I would strongly recommend you to bring your camera! Don't worry about dropping into the water. The kayak is very stable. =)

T with her GoPro at the front as we were entering the cave

Monkey enjoying her banana while watching us entering the cave

View from the cave
Into the dark...

As we went deeper into the cave, the stench from the bats living in the cave got stronger. Every crew had a torchlight attached to their forehead. That was our only source of light in the dark cave. Also, we had to lie back fully as some of the rocks were really low. Fun experience!

Bats hanging on the ceiling of the cave

Naturally formed structure which looks like a god

LQ kayaking

T jumped into the water to have a swim; our cruise on the left

On the way to our next island, our tour guide told us that he can call the eagles out! He said he has been learning for the past 5 years and he can finally do it now. "If no eagle, I will treat everyone dinner!" he exclaimed right before he whistled at a really high pitch.

OH MY GOD, THE WILD EAGLES REALLY CAME OUT!! Not 1 or 2, but MANY! They came from really high up in the sky and got closer to our cruise.

Hong Island

Similar to what we did at Panak Island, we got down from our cruise and canoe among the mangrove forest in Hong Island.

With our 'kayaker'

So we decided to sit sideways to soak our feet in the cool water
Massive traffic jam into the cave

While waiting for the traffic to clear

James Bond No.2 - looks really like the actual one!

T jumped into the water again to enjoy her swim

Beach at Yao Island

We kayaked to Yao Island for swimming and relaxing.

LQ in love

LQ and I in our hats

T performing her flip!

And a series of photo taking... here's #1




Lunch on Cruise

Thankfully, the food on board was not bad. We grabbed our food and sat on the deck to enjoy the breeze while having our lunch! So awesome!

James Bond Island

Here we are, at the much raved James Bond Island. The actual name of the island is Khao Phing Kan. It got famous since 1974 when it was featured in the James Bond movies The Man with the Golden Gun and Tomorrow Never Dies. I wasn't even born then. Lol.

We were given around half an hour to walk around the island to take pictures and squeeze with the crowd... It was full of tourists!

Leaving James Bond Island

Our kayak crew was really nice to us! He showed us ways up one of the cave in James Bond Island to take pictures which were in LQ's iPhone. Also, he brought us to the front deck of the cruise and helped us snap a few beautiful photos with the sea! Kop Khun Ka!

Kitchen on board and the guy on the right in blue shirt was our friendly 'kayaker'!

When we made our way back to the pier, the tour guide offered to call the wild eagles again! This time round, there were even more wild eagles! I managed to capture some great photos with my Canon G7X below!

"Whatcha looking at?"

Can you spot the rainbow?

We partied on the cruise on the way back to the pier. It was very entertaining! With Chinese, Indian, Thai music being played on board. An old grandma (> 70 years old I guess) even danced with one of the guy from Dubai! It felt like we were a big family traveling together.

LQ was being pulled into one of the dance too! You may watch the video that I uploaded on YouTube below if you're interested.

Thai Restaurant
Address: 90 Patak Road, Kata Beach, Kata Phuket Town, Phuket 83100, Thailand
Contact: +66 89 866 8586

As recommended by the lady from the travel agency, Thai Restaurant is really a cute and cozy place to dine at! Mr. Ben kindly brought us there as we were not sure of the route to get there from our hotel.

I like the ambience of the restaurant. As for the food, I find it average though T liked it a lot. Don't expect too much from the food in Phuket. Food standard in Bangkok is much better than those I had in Kata, Phuket. Maybe Patong area would have better food as it is the most popular tourist destination in Phuket.

My Tomato Juice and LQ's awesome Iced Coffee

Tom Yum Goong

Chicken Cashew Nut

Green curry in a coconut! T's favorite

Spicy Thai Pork Salad

Thailand Stir-Fried Ice-Cream *Scream*

80 baht (SGD 3.20) for this goodness!

Watch the making of my Stir Fried Oreo Ice Cream on YouTube:

Palm Square Kata Beach
Address: 88/29-30 Kata Road. | Kata Beach, Kata Beach, Phuket 83100, Thailand

Chilled our night away while listening to good vocals from the two ladies on stage from the Philippines.

T ended off the day with a chocolate banana crepe that is famous in Thailand which was supposed to be tasty. But hers was too oily and tasted so-so. =/

Day 2 in Phuket was a longggggg day with James Bond Island tour in the day and walking around Kata area in the night. Looking forward to Day 3 where we will be snorkeling at Raya Island! =)

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  1. Hi, where did you book your tour? Also, is it safe about the canoeing experience? Is the water deep? I am interested in the but feel worried as im a non-swimmer.

    1. Hi Joselyn, I booked the tours via the tour agency on the right of Must Sea Hotel I stayed at. Hmm, I felt that it was safe. The water was calm, the kayak will not capsize easily. I'm sure the water is deeper than normal human's height but you will be wearing life vest, so you will stay afloat even if you fall into the water. Don't worry about it!