Saturday, November 29, 2014

White Rabbit for Our Two Point Five

The White Rabbit
Address: 39C Harding Road Singapore 249541
Operating Hours:
Lunch: Tue-Fri 12.30pm-2.30pm;
Brunch Sat-Sun 10.30am-3.00pm;
Dinner Tue-Sun 6.30pm-10.30pm
Contact: +65 9721 0536
Ala Carte Menu:

Totally out of expectation, he brought me to this fine dining restaurant. He has been keeping mum about it and didn't even allow me to peep at his phone while he's using Google map for direction. He said that he has heard/read a lot of reviews regarding this restaurant, the reviews are very different. Some mentioned that this place is good for its ambiance but don't expect too much from its food, some praised that both the ambience and food are good while some gave really negative comments. So today, we're here to try it out ourselves. There's a carpark right next to the restaurant and it's free (yay!).

The White Rabbit Entrance
The restaurant is air conditioned, spacious and gorgeous. The atmosphere in the chapel was peaceful and romantic with ceiling lights as well as the pretty windows.

We were ushered to a table in the middle left of the restaurant. It would be better if we could have the side tables with cushioned sofa (at the back of the picture below).

Thank you for the gift!! I love it so much!

<3 My first item from Chanel! <3
About 10 minutes after we ordered our food, here comes the appetizer! I love how this dish was being prepared!! The raw beef's so fresh, together with the truffle sauce and shaved parmesan, this has officially became my favorite carpaccio dish!

Rangers Valley Wagyu Carpaccio - shaved parmesan, celery cress, balsamic pearls, truffle cream (S$30++)

Cocktail (i forgot the name) - S$10++
Half an hour after our appetizer was served, our mains came together. Mine was an 36-hour Brandt Short Ribs while he took the Tagliatelle.

The short ribs was good for it's price at S$48++. Slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The mashed potato was my BF's favorite and as usual, his fork would frequent my plate to scoop some of the food he likes. The mushrooms were okay, didn't have much impression about it.

36-hour Brandt Short Ribs - truffle miso glaze, parsnip purée, field mushrooms (S$48++)

His plate of Tagliatelle with Alaskan King Crab was average. Honestly, if the broth's thicker, it would taste better. The fresh crab was a saving grace though. He regretted not ordering the same dish as me as my short ribs cost only S$3 more.

Tagliatelle - Alaskan king crab, pork broth, kombu (S$45)

While we were having our main dishes, there was a flaming "performance" a couple of tables away. A female chef was preparing a dessert, Crêpes Suzette right in front of the diners. It was quite exciting so we decided to order the same dish for our dessert! =D

Here it comes!
The chef gave us a step by step explanation for everything he's doing with our dish. It wasn't difficult to prepare this, just need the right ingredients and patience.

The last step before it was served!

It's very sweet of them to write "Happy Anniversary" on the plate as they only know about it when we entered the restaurant. The Crêpes Suzette was sweet and nice. The feeling of seeing the food being prepared in front of you and then served onto your table was very different than it being served out from the kitchen as you get to see the process and know what's in your food. And yes, I saw him pouring a big portion of sugar into the pan. =/ *Seeing is believing*

Crêpes Suzette - Grand Marnier, flambéed tableside (S$20)

View on my right

The dinner was about one and a half hour long. It's very enjoyable with such a nice environment and my favorite company. Thank you so much my love!! <3

Exploring Rabbit Hole just next door

Fairytale entrance
Rabbit Hole is a bar, selling alcohol. As it was raining, there wasn't any customers in the outdoor seating. Not sure if they have indoor seating.

Have a good weekend, cheers!


  1. Happy 2.5 Anniversary! How sweet he took you to a new place to eat. White Rabbit looks so amazing inside and beautiful -- perfect scenery for couples. Reviews can be so iffy, and it's always best to go try for yourself. Who can resist Chanel? x

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Yea, White Rabbit is really a nice restaurant for couples. You are right, Chanel is <3.

  2. Yeah!! In my opinion restaurant’s success is based on quality of their food and equally on staff behavior and service. I live in LA and here top Las Vegas restaurants are known for their service and delicious cuisine.