Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Studio M Hotel x Le Bistrot Du Sommelier x Wine Connection

Studio M Hotel
Address: 3 Nanson Rd, Singapore 238910
Contact: +65 6808 8888

Refreshing view upon entering the room

It's a loft!
Very tiny bathroom

No bathtub though =(

Bed's upstairs

Onward to explore M Hotel

Recreational Area at Level 2

Place where they serve Breakfast Buffet
Breakfast Restaurant


Gym next to the pool

1.2 m Pool


Chillax area

Studio M Hotel is quite a small hotel with a small pool and gym. Our previous Staycation at Hotel Fort Canning was larger, more luxurious and comfortable in comparison. Nevertheless, it's still quite a nice stay and it has a unique loft concept which not many hotels offer.

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier
Address: 53 Armenian St., Singapore 179940
Opening Hours: 12pm - 3pm (Lunch), 6pm - 11pm (Dinner) on Mon - Sat
Contact: +65 6333 1982
Website: http://www.lebistrotdusommelier.com/
Email: max@lebistrotdusommelier.com

Credits to Le Bistrot Du Sommelier's Website

As this French Restaurant was booked 2 days prior to the actual day, we were only left with outdoor seating and the person he spoke to didn't inform him about it. It was really very hot and humid throughout our entire meal that I just wished we could leave as soon as we finished our food. Well, it would be an enjoyable meal if there's some breeze and less humid. Thankfully the food was good. However, we were quite disappointed that our main dish was presented in a hot pot even though we thought we ordered the usual Duck Confit with other meats.

Menu was printed on this wooden board

Pork Rillette

Pork was well chopped and tasty! Recommended! They offer Duck and Rabbit (eww) Rillettes as well. Duck Rillette is one of their famous appetizer.

During the dinner, there was a debate between us on which bracelet is nicer. He insisted on his LV bracelet as it's simple and sweet while I think Herm├Ęs one has more "layers" and unique. Actually both bracelets are equally precious to me and each of them suits different types of outfits/occasions.

Our main dish made up of Duck Leg, Pork and Sausages (So sorry! I forgot the name of this dish!)

Pork and Beans from the Main Dish

Sausage and Beans from the Main Dish

Overall, the food was really well cooked. Besides the humidity, service was up to standard and everything else was good. I guessed we would have enjoyed our dinner more if we were seated indoor with AC and beautiful setting.

Azabu Sabo @ Clarke Quay
Address: The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street # 01-56 Singapore 059817
Contact: +65 6534 7178

Dark Chocolate & Green Tea Ice Creams at Azabu Sabo (SGD 6.10) - SO YUMMY

Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro
Address: #01-19/20 Robertson Walk, 11 Unity Street, Singapore 237995
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 11:30am-2:00am, Fri-Sat 11:30am-3:00am, Sun 11:30 am-Midnight
Contact: +65 6235 5466
Email: tapas@wineconnection.com.sg

After spending some time trying to choose a bar out of so-many-dozens bars in Clarke Quay, we decided to head back to M Hotel as Robertson Walk is just right next to it. We were totally noobs in this area! There were so many Ang-mohs (Caucasians) chilling at Robertson Walk! We picked Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro (there were 3 different Wine Connections outlet in Robertson Walk) to have our drinks and dessert for the night.

Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (SGD 6++)

Chocolate Lava Cake will never go wrong

Cosmopolitan (SGD 12++)

Memminger Gold Beer (SGD 9.90++)

Awesome night! We'll be back to Wine Connection!

Breakfast Buffet at Studio M Hotel

Food was alright. Nothing fancy.

Last picture in the room before checking out =(

Bringing back some of the balloons

2D1N staycation was too shorttttt. =( It was really pricey to stay in a hotel in Singapore. I'd rather fly to other countries like Thailand and Indonesia where we'll probably spend about the same amount of money and experience different culture at the same time.

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